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          toy art 2.0
          What is Toy Art 2.0?

          Collaboration • Customization • Community

          Before 2.0: In the late 1990s, young Hong Kong designers began swapping G.I. Joe's army fatigues for hip, handmade streetwear. In the early 2000s, American lowbrow artists embraced toys as a medium for art multiples. By the middle of the decade, illustrators, graffiti writers and rock poster artists were releasing their signature characters as toy art.

          Today’s toy artists defy categorization. Thanks to six letters (W.W.W. and D.I.Y.), previously passive collectors are now active participants in their own global community. Toy artists paint plastic from San Francisco to New York, pour molds from Moscow to Manila and carve wood from Bali to Zurich. Toy art is forged in foundries in LA and found in quarries in France. Creators, collectors and curators mingle online. Art becomes accessible. The exclusive gets a bit more inclusive. With a wink to Web 2.0, we distinguish the current scene from its ancestry.

          Toy Art 2.0: the book

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          Limited edition of 1,000

          Toy Art 2.0 is a journey into the wild world of contemporary toy art from the fascinating perspectives of artists, collectors, curators, producers, fabricators, retailers, gallery owners, distributors and scholars. Members of the Toy Art 2.0 community wear many hats.

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          Three years in the making

          More than 50 interviews and essays and over 150 delicious eye candy photos tell the story of this unique community and addictively accessible art form. Each book weighs over four pounds!

          290 pages of "Plastic Passion"

          Toy Art 2.0 is a must for anyone with a curious mind and a deep appreciation for strange beauty. It is for the art lovers and the future collectors. It is for the eternally young at heart.

          About Us

          • Okedoki
            Creator & Designer

            Okedoki is an artist with a background in fine arts, sociology and acupuncture. She resides in Canada with her two furry kids, Magi and Mo, and shows her art worldwide.

          • Jeremy Brautman
            Jeremy Brautman
            Interviewer & Editor

            Jeremy Brautman is a writer, curator and former toy maven living in Oakland, California. He can usually be found writing and wandering in the woods.

          • Vince Su
            Vince Su

            Vince Su is the founder of VTSS Toys and an avid collector of art toys. He believes in collecting as a philosophy, and he is always busy innovating from his home in Taiwan.

          Ready to Buy?
          Order Toy Art 2.0 Now
          * Online orders now ship internationally! Stockist list coming soon. For wholesale inquiries, please contact: contact@vtsstoys.com.
          Toy Art 2.0

          Creators & Collectors

          Toy Art 2.0 features 21 interviews with artists who create and collect toy art: Frank Kozik, Walter "Chauskoskis" Jackott, Ferg, Glenn Barr, Chris Ryniak, Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters, Francesco de Molfetta, Huck Gee, Sergey Safonov, Bjorn Calleja, Doktor A, Yosiell Lorenzo, John "Spanky" Stokes, Ayleen Gaspar, J*RYU, Jesse Hernandez, Lee "Leecifer" Gajda, Nakanari, Paul Kaiju, Mark Nagata and Skinner.

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "It harkens back to the big-eyed portraits in the 60s that were considered trash art by art world elitists."—Glenn Barr

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "We started as outsiders, and forming a group just made sense. Everyone contributes something."—Kathie Olivas

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "Figures are fresh and interesting when they’re a little different. I leave some of the story up to collectors."—Paul Kaiju

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "As an artist, I channel and mix tattoo, hot rod, skate, graffiti, gig poster, manga, kaiju and vinyl toy cultures."—Leecifer

          Dealers & Suppliers

          Get the book and meet the retailers, distributors, producers, curators and fabricators who ensure collectors get their fix: Amy Del Castillo and Luke Rook of Lulubell Toy Bodega, Bigboy Cheng of SecretFresh, Brian Flynn of Super7, Dov Kelmer of DKE, Gino Joukar of Toy Art Gallery, Julie B. of Pretty in Plastic, Raymond Choy of Toy2R, Rob Clarke of Foosh, Steve Agin of AginToys (formerly of Phillips de Pury) and Vince Su of VTSS Toys.

          Toy Art 2.0 book
          Toy Art Gallery, USA

          "Seeing the Shah of Iran’s Warhols inspired me to collect art and share it with the public."—Gino Joukar, owner

          Toy Art 2.0 book
          SecretFresh, Philippines

          "Art is fascinating. In order to be good at anything, you should first be fascinated by it."—BigBoy Cheng, owner

          Toy Art 2.0 book
          Rotofugi, USA

          "We started as fans of toys and art, and we developed relationships with our biggest art crushes."—Kirby Kerr, owner

          Toy Art 2.0 book
          Foosh, Canada

          "This style of art has really spoken to a new batch of collectors, and it's driven by youthful excitement."—Rob Clarke, owner

          The Toyaholics

          Meet the mega-collectors, and peep their amazing toy art collections. We interviewed 20 toyaholics on three continents, including: Alvin Tan Jian Shan, Carl Kent-Smith, Dan Harris, Eduardo Olegario, Haynmade, Henry Loh, Ian Malcolm, Jon Lao, Justin Jewett, Kev Taylor, Kirkland Jue, Kristoffer Butiong, Laina Jones, Marcos Janri, Muschelschubser, Nicolas Caldas, Philip Lin, Sara Harvey, StacyJean and Vadim Tslaf. Click each pic for a sneak peek.

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "Art and toys are the perfect addiction, and it only took that first piece to hook me."—Nicolas, Puerto Rico

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "I enjoy art in an accessible form made by people I admire, and I can create a world around me."—Sara, USA

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "Surrounding myself with toys frees me from stress and makes me feel younger!"—Jon, Philippines

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "I hope by sharing images of pieces I've collected, I’m contributing back to the cycle."—StacyJean, USA

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "I like interacting with artists and waiting to see what they do to make a figure their own."—Kev, UK

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "My friends create amazing toys. Knowing the artists gives me an emotional connection to the toys."—John, USA

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "Every toy, whether limited edition or on a hook at Toys R Us, has a designer, sculptor and painter."—Ayleen, USA

          Toy Art 2.0 book

          "As long as walls cost more than art, I will collect art. I suppose the same is true for me with toys."—Justin, USA

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